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The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Fleischmann

January 05 through January 25, 1959

The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Fleischmann

artist(s)Paul Aizpiri, Jean Pierre Alaux, Sperry Andrews, Duilio Barnabé, Richard Bellias, Jaques Blanchard, Manfred Bluth, Lodewyk Bruchman, Antonio Bueno, Nino Caffé, Enrico Campagnola, Jose Capuletti, Jean Carzou, Antoni Clavé, Fabrizio Clerici, William Congdon, Emile Courtin, John Craxton, Gabriel Dauchot, Pierre de Clausade, Jaques Dupont, Yves Ganne, Xavier Gonzales, Paul Guiramand, Hans Hartung, Pierre Henry, John Hultberg, Frieda Hunziker, Lorenzo Indrimi, Paredes Jardiel, Felix Kelly, Yeffe Kimball, Bryan Kneale, Rudolph Kugler, Eugene Leake, Jr., Lucio Martinez, Frank McCoy, Conger Metcalf, Ivan Mosca, Phillipe Noyer, Giorgio Perfetti, Bernard Perlin, Raiford Porter, Franz Priking, Charles Rain, Siegfried Reinhart, Alan Reynolds, Wallace Sarkisian, Andrew Segovia, Max Spigai, Philip Sutton, Felix Varla, Keith Vaughan, Renzo Vespignani, Theodor Werner, James Wines

“An eye perennially youthful is a rare gift, but it has been granted to Mr. and Mrs. Julius Fleischmann. They have also had the love, the leisure, the conviction, and the means necessary to assemble works of art with discrimination . . . [Their collection] points the way to the significant painting of the future” (John Walker, The Fleischmann Collection).

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