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The Second Interior Valley Competition

May 18 through August 20, 1958

The Second Interior Valley Competition

artist(s)Herbert Abrahams, John Alford, Edwin Anderson, Raymond Barnhart, Anne Batterberry, Robert Beaven, Donna Beavers, Henry Berkowitz, Philip Bornarth, Glenn Bradshaw, Fred Brian, Wayman Brown, Sidney Chafetz, Cedric Chang, William Clark, Theresa Crittenden, Charles Cutler, Julie DeForest, Jim Dine, Marilyn Dux, Elliot Elgart, Robert Fabe, Jean Ferguson, Thomas Fern, Mildred Fischer, Davira Fisher, Penina Frankel, John Freeman, Gilbert Hall, Edith McKee Harper, Marion Healy, Mary Heimsath, Edward Hewett, Phil Hodge, Kent Hodgetts, B.M. Jackson, Joyce Kearney, Marie Kelly, Katherine King, Clara King, Norman Kohlhepp, Agnes Kulungian, Lilian Lamden, Eugene Leake, Jr., Jerrold Maddox, Thomas Marioni, Edward Menges, J.P. Olmes, Glenn Owen, Ralph Pinkerman, Carolyn Plochmann, Rudy Pozzatti, Vernon Rader, Janet Rappoport, R.K. Ray, Siegfried Reinhart, Donald Roberts, June Roberts, Alene Rogert, Jack Schneider, Mildred Seithel, Neil Shevlin, Julian Stanczak, Julia Stillpass, William Story, Jarold Talbot, Ralston Thompson, Joan Thorpe, Robert Vickers, Elizabeth Voelker, Charles von Duering, John Wallace, Jack Wickline, Robert Wiggs, Ulfert Wilke, Merton Willmore, James Yoko

Unlike the first Interior Valley Competition, the second was open to all participants. It also featured the inclusion of sculptures and drawings in addition to the sole medium of painting that the fist contest exhibited. The new rules resulted in nearly 600 applications with 150 drawings and about 50 sculptures.

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