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Artist Members and Collectors

June 17 through September 05, 1954

Artist Members and Collectors

artist(s)Donald Ashcraft, Judith Ashcraft, Margaret Barnes, Herbert Barnett, Dorothy Bauer, Arnold Berman, Vivian Bradley, Georges Braque, Gordon Burdick, Paul Chidlaw, Grace Denier, André Derain, Cornelia Dettmer, Minnie Deupree, Marjorie Watson Ewell, A.H. Feibel, Ruth Feibel, Joan Finch, Davira Fisher, Julius Fleischmann, Carol Freeman, Gertrude Friedlander, Jimmie Gillespie, Dorothy Greenwald, Jessie Grooms, Reginald Grooms, Jane Gruen, Mary Hagen, Charles Harper, Edith McKee Harper, Jean Helburn, Wunne Herold, Sam Herwitz, Elizabeth Hunter, Frieda Hunziker, Jerome Kahn, Katherine King, Mary Kitzmiller, Ruth Klausmeyer, Paul Klee, June Klensch, Fernand Léger, William Leonard, Grace Mack, Evelyn Marx, Preston McClanahan, III, Joan Miró, Amedeo Modigliani, Virginia Moeller, Francis Pogue Nelson, Pablo Picasso, Vernon Rader, Daniel Ransohoff, Janet Rappaport, C.R. Rittershoffer, Georges Rouault, Mary Rowell, Harry Salzer, Carol Schaengold, Robert Schaengold, Dorothy Schumacher, Esther Shapiro, Levy Shaw, Elizabeth Sheffield, Robert Smith, Ivy-Jane Starr, Margaret Stearns, Julia Stillpass, Alberta Strauss, Emylou Sturm, Robert Tuvell, Maurice Utrillo, Arthur Weber, Jr., Elizabeth Wilson

“The current exhibition was conceived as a unique and personal one which would show the artists among the membership regardless of professional standing. This unjuried showing of art produced within the past three years carried only the request that the shingle work submitted be an example of the highest caliber of which its creator was capable” (Foreword, Artist Members and Collectors).

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