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Abstract and Surrealist American Art

April 09 through May 02, 1948

Abstract and Surrealist American Art

Curated by The American Federation of Arts

artist(s)Joseph Albers, John Atherton, Charles Edward Barnes, John Baxter, William Baziotes, Jim Belvedere, E. Burton Benjamin, Harry Bertoia, Elmer Bischoff, Leon Bishop, Richard Boyce, Charles Bunnell, Sydney Butchkes, Alexander Calder, Serge Chermayeff, Fred Conway, Paul Craft, Worden Day, David Du Bon, Jimmy Ernst, Robert Fabe, Lyonel Feininger, John Ferren, Perle Fine, James Fitzgerald, Esther Geller, Panos Ghikas, Xavier Gonzales, Adolph Gottlieb, Ellwood Graham, Jean Guerin, David Hare, Charles Harper, Edith McKee Harper, Stanley W. Hayter, Lee Hersch, Hilaire Hiler, Fannie Hillsmith, Karl Hofer, Carl Holty, Foster Jewell, Leon Kelly, E. B. Levy, Patti Linn, Edward Linville, Seymour Lipton, William Maher, Noel Martin, Ezio Martinelli, Roberto Matta, James McCray, George McNeil, Knud Merrild, Peter Miller, Robert Motherwell, Paul Ninas, John O'Neil, Gordon Paritz, Robert Preusser, Easton Pribble, Daniel Ransohoff, Peggy Rogginger, Mark Rothko, Alfred Russell, Louis Schanker, Howard Schleeter, John Sennhauser, Elizabeth Sheffield, David Siemer, David Smith, Margaret Stearns, Clyfford Still, C.E. Stousland, jr., Gus Summers, Reuben Tam, Pavel Tchelitchew, Margaret Tomkins, Hugo Valerio, Stuyvesant van Veen, Rudolph Weisenborn, Emerson Woelffer, Robert Wolff, Lois Wyman

“The sculpture and paintings listed below [under the “Cincinnati” section of artists] was selected by [a] . . . jury invited by the Cincinnat Modern Art Society Program Committee. All artists of the region were invited to submit works for consideration of the jury. Members of the jury were Mr. Henry R. Hope of Indiana University, Mr. James S. Plaut, Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, and Mr. Ralston Thompson of Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio. This is the first exhibition of its kind ever assembled at the Cincinnati Art Museum” (abstract and surrealist art).

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