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Modern Art in Advertising

Designs for Container Corporation of America

December 18, 1945 through January 20, 1946

Modern Art in Advertising

artist(s)Persia Abbas, Herbert Bayer, William H. Campbell, Jean Carlu, Mario Carreño , A.M. Cassandre, Miguel Covarrubias, Zdzislaw Czermanski, Willem de Kooning, Yun Gee, Tibor Gergely, Arshile Gorky, Adolfo Halty-Dubé, Jean Hélion, David Hill, Venancio Igarta, Yudhisthira Jean Piqué, Edward McKnight Kauffer, György Kepes, George Korff, Fernand Léger, Matthew Leibowitz, Richard Lindner, Leonardi Lionni, Herbert Matter, Carlos Mérida, Edgar Miller, Henry Moore, Costantino Nivola, Paul Nonnast, Alfred Pellan, Man Ray, Juan Renau, Xanti Schawinsky, Peter Sekaer, Ben Shahn, Sigurd Sodergaard, Susanne Suba, Mai-mai Sze, Rufino Tamayo, Jean Varda, Gene Walther, Toni Zepf

“The exhibition of this work [layouts from the Container Corporation of America] was originally sponsored by the Art Institute of Chicago because they considered the series one of the most artistically progressive adverstising programs ever initiated by a large industrial enterprise and because of the economic opportunities [it] offered artists in such a relationship” (Marion R. Becker, modern art in advertising).

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