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From Realism to Abstraction

February 26 through March 17, 1945

From Realism to Abstraction
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artist(s)Joseph Albers, Harold Anton, Boris Aronson, George C. Ault, Maurice Becker, Sara Berman, Pamela Bianco, Henry Billings, Oscar Bluemner, Fega Blumberg, Henry Burkhard, David Burliuk, Jean Charlot, Preston Dickinson, Elsie Driggs, Suzy Frelinghuysen, Arnold Friedman, Lee Gatch, Ida Gordey, William M. Harnett, Hilaire Hiler, Carl Holty, Walter Houmere, Charles W. Hutson, John Kane, Karl Knaths, Benjamin Kopman, Walt Kuhn, A. F. Levinson, Israel Litwak, Henry McCarter, George L.K. Morris, Mother Moses, Louise Nevelson, Hariette Oliver, Wallace Putman, Elizabeth Rockwell, Elsa Schmid, Joseph Solman, Jean Varda, Max Weber

"They [the paintings in this exhibition] represent a collection, a dealer's collection, of many times this size [belonging to and arranged by J. B. Neumann]. And they were bought, in most cases, direct from the artist at the time they were painted . . . this group of about forty pictures (which could as well have been four hundred) contains none of the universally popular names around which most museum shows of American art are fashioned. It is neither a conclusive nor an historical chronological selection" (J.B. Neumann, From Realism to Abstraction).

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