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This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow

The Goetta-Institut is where you can dig more deeply into the artists, projects, and themes of TTT. Each day of the festival, audiences will enjoy free, accessible conversations while enjoying free, delicious goetta sliders. Whether you're curious or ravenous, we've got you covered.

11:30am-12:30pm daily during This Time Tmrw.

Wednesday April 6
"The Darktown Sermons"
Jay Bolotin with Matt Distel (The Carnegie)

Thursday April 7
"Boy mother / faceless bloom"
Juni One Set with Raneem Salem

Friday April 8
"Changing Times & Changing Practices"
Sharon Udoh & Britni Bicknaver with Drew Klein

Saturday April 9
"Embodiment & Collective Practice"
Alice Ripoll/Cia REC & Mikrokosmos with Tara Aisha Willis (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago)

Sunday April 10
Radouan Mriziga & Dorothee Munyaneza with Roya Amirsoleymani (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art)

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