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This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow

ASUNA - 100 Keyboards (Moire Resonance by Interference Frequency)

A live music performance featuring over 100 toy keyboards.

Each keyboard plays a sustained note of a certain pitch, and as the number of keys increases, a strange moiré of sound is created. Since most of the keyboards being played are cheap products or made as toys, the pitch/tuning of each key may be slightly off fluctuate slightly in pitch when played for long time and battery powered. The slight misalignment creates a complex resonance.

This performance focuses on the phenomenon of "interference sound", which is a complex distribution of sound pressure and other parameters when sound waves of the same frequency but with different propagation directions overlap, and on the phenomenon that the sounds like a "moiré" pattern due to the resonant generated by the subtle differences in pitch.

By changing the direction of the ears and/or while moving around the keyboards, the complex interfering sounds and resonances in space will produce different sound buzzes, loops, and beats at each minute location. It is an auditory experience like weaving a "textile pattern," the original meaning of "moire," with each ear.

“ASUNA's live performances are an experience; textured soundscapes that blur the lines between art and music.” Tokyo Art Beat

April 9, 8 p.m. | April 10, 6 p.m.

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Location: CAC, 4th Floor

Duration: 80mins

ASUNA is a Japanese sound artist. He has been creating experimental music and installation work from a very young age during late 90’s, he has gone on to become a pioneer in the experimental ambient / drone / improvisation scene in Japan and collaborating with many Japanese and international electronic musicians including Jan Jelinek, minoru sato-m/s (ex.WrK), Pękala Kordylasińska Pękala and many others. He has been prolific and produced albums for European, American and Japanese labels.

Alongside his first major work, “Each Organ” (2002), a sound installation reconsidering the concept of etymology, he also produces experimental composition works, recording with acoustic instruments and electronics under the title “100 Toys”, a performance that uses many tiny toys to create a multi-layered and fascinating plastic universe of drones, loops, sonic moiré and occasional pop implosions.

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