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This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow

North American Premiere

This is a collaboration between Alice Ripoll and Cia REC.

Every society has upper and lower strata. For ten years, Brazilian choreographer Alice Ripoll and Cia REC have collaborated together. As Black people living in favelas, the company members of REC are familiar with the Brazilian police’s methods of keeping the poor segment of the population away from the rich by means of control and intimidation. The Portuguese word “acordo” can mean many things – it could be an agreement, for instance, or a wake-up call. In this spelling of the word it also means “the color of”. But what agreement did the social majority make with those regarded as “of a different color”? Are they only seen as a living, breathing cliché, as potential criminals and as cheap labor – or also as people?

The four dancers open up a space with their movements in which other types of encounters become possible. And in which our own reflexes and prejudices come to the surface. How does it feel to suddenly be face to face with those from whom we are otherwise “protected”? And why have we suddenly tightened our grip on our belongings?

“Dance as a political confrontation and a place of dreams… tremendous not only for its meaning, but for its modes of participation, too.” – BOMB Magazine

This performance includes an element of closeness and physicality with the performers. Each artist is fully-vaccinated, and has received a negative COVID-19 antigen test immediately prior to any performance to ensure complete audience safety.

April 6-8, 6:30 p.m. | April 9, 2:30 & 6:30 | April 10, 2:30 p.m.

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Location: CAC, 4th Floor

Duration: 40mins

director: Alice Ripoll
performers: Alan Ferreira, Hilton Santos da Cruz Junior, Romulo Galvão, Tony Hewerton
assistant: Thais Peixoto de Souza
production: Natasha Corbelino | Corbelino Produções
Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Rafael Machado Fisioterapia
distribution: Art Happens

Cia REC is a powerful group of ghetto artists that elaborate and recreate contemporary art. Founded in 2009 and Composed by director, Alice Ripoll, and performers, Alan Ferreira, Leandro Coala, Liuz LA / Tony Hewerton and Romulo Galvão, the group, with intense production, has three contemporary dance shows, a piece aimed at children and a performance.

The group’s first piece “Cornaca”, premiered at the Panorama Festival, and was awarded with a circulation grant from the city and state of Rio de Janeiro, having also been performed in São Paulo, at SESC Pompéia Theater.

In 2014 the Company was awarded two grants for the creation of two new pieces, “Bô”, which was presented at Arena Dicro, at the Angel Vianna Theater, at the Eva Hertz Theater, at Dance Gamboa and Ocupa Cacilda; and “Pé de vento cabeça no chão”, aimed at children, presented in several theaters in Rio, São Paulo and Piauí, and also in public spaces. The performance “aCORdo” (2017) was presented at Castelinho do Flamengo, Sergio Porto Theatre, Panorama Festival de Dança (RJ), Casa do Povo (São Paulo), and Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels).

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