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Farhana Haider’s BBC “Witness History, the story of Zaha Hadid’s creation of the CAC’s building," was broadcast on BBC World Service.

Visit the Witness History website to listen to the story or download the podcast.

In the 9-minute audio program, Haider narrates the story of this historic moment for Zaha Hadid and the Contemporary Arts Center, weaving in archival audio of Zaha speaking about her design and clips from Farhana’s interview with Dean Jay Chatterjee. She emphasizes the radical aspects of the building: its bold vertical design, the “urban carpet,” and its street-level accessibility in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, a physical reflection of the CAC’s ethos as a place for all. Farhana also notes the rave reviews the building received when it opened, both from architecture critics and the people of Cincinnati, and how it accelerated Zaha’s career at a pivotal moment.

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