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After honing their culinary craft in San Francisco, the Ferrari brothers are ready to bring home the ethos of fresh California cuisine. We spoke with Chef Tony Ferrari about the duo's inspirations and what great food and great art have in common.

You’ve experienced a lot of other restaurants integrated into notable arts institutions, what appeals to you about this pairing?

Great art and design naturally pair well with great food and wine! They all work together to make life more rich. People who come to the CAC to experience art must have open minds and imaginations, and hopefully they have the same eye for food. Every restaurant that we’ve visited in notable arts institutions just made sense; both art and food contribute to life and a sense of community.

Photo: Brianna Long

What led you to San Francisco initially, and what did you learn there that you’re excited to bring to Cincinnati with Fausto?

What led me to the West—and San Francisco in particular—was the culture; a real urban environment, with diversity, love and an openness to welcome others. The food scene there has always been top-notch, and I wanted to be part of that. One of the most valuable things I learned there was the value of taking care of our surroundings and neighbors, respect for the land, and to take only what it’s willing to give. We hope to bring that mentality back to Cincinnati and more so with Fausto:cooking food that’s at its highest peak, and in proper season from people who actually care about how it’s grown and harvested, as well as composting and recycling,It’s here we all just need to dig deeper, work harder and be willing to buy into a bigger picture.

You also developed a passion for coffee and wine while on the West Coast. How did this develop and how has that manifested for you here in Cincinnati?

On the West Coast—and especially the restaurant industry—it’s a lifestyle and not just a trend. It’s just something I was surrounded by all the time and enjoyed, especially with other people. In most cases, coffee and wine bring people together; it’s always a setting of like-minded folks that are curious about the fruit, the roasting or fermenting processes. Like coffee shops, wine bars are very similar in the way they represent a third place and or a safe space where you can be yourself and enjoy the moment. We want to bring that setting to Cincinnati and show people that the culture around coffee or wine is about so much more than just getting a caffeine jolt or getting drunk, there is a bigger picture and once you realize that, life will change and so will the reasons why we drink these products!

Photo: Brianna Long

What can we expect from the food offerings at Fausto?

Honest, clean and fair food, crafted with a purpose to nourish, bring people together and support our local economies. It’s a full circle and we have to see that through. It’s much more powerful than just a random plate of food. Our food system in this country is poisoning us our land, and taking away the craft of our farmers, we have to fight to end this and through food, knowledge, and what we do at Fausto will be a start, and hope to inspire everyone else to join us! A vibrant fresh approach to seasonal California style cuisine, made with love and purpose.

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