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Shasta Geaux Pop’s immersive performances capture the vibe of 80s and 90s era Hip-Hop with DJ’s, hype men and costume changes, all wrapped up in the form of a wild underground house party. Take a listen to a playlist curated by Shasta, full of tracks that inspire her wildly theatrical performances.

1. Automatic - The Pointer Sisters

"I always get a lil' flustered when a fine sweet young thang is around. I tend to lose alil’ bit of control, which may surprise most considering who I am… This song really makes me feel like I'm not the only one."

2. Handprint - Detroit's Finest (feat. Amina Ya Heard)

"See, I'm not a violent person, but you always gotta make sure people are aware of your boundaries and never take you for a dummy. Whether it's the jerk who took your parking space, or the president… never disrespect the Shasta!"

3. Danger! High Voltage - Electric Six

"I always imagine myself electric. I love an element of heat and danger. Whew, when you combine that with another… sparkle baby sparkle… but like really big sparks."

4. Bad Sister - Roxanne Shante

"Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good. This song reminds me of my fabulousness. My royalty and fantastic flavor."

5. Sexercise - Millie Jackson

"If Shasta ever had a godmother she would wish her to be Millie Jackson. This song inspires me and speaks to the depths of my soul. It's what we all need to balance and stabilize. We all should sexercise."

6. Don't Hate the 808 - Bassnectar (G. Jones Remix)

“This particular track just makes me want to move. Also, Shasta and bass are like a table and its legs; we hold each other up."

7. Pancakes & Syrup - Biz Markie

"I love food. I mean, need I say more?"

8. My Party - Kero Kero Bonito (bo en remix)

"Everyone is always invited to my party. It's just that simple!"

9. At All/Hilarity Duff - Kaytranada

"This song just make me wanna dance. Oooooh yeeeahhhh..."

10. Dirty Peaches - 88-Keys, J*Davey

"We always gotta protect the peaches. Everyone loves a sweet ripe peach, but when you dirty a peach it ain't quite as edible. Shasta believes in the protection of all peaches."

11. Kitty Kat - Empress Of

"I never mind an appropriate holler from a sweet young thang, but when you cross certain lines you gotta get checked. This song makes me feel solidarity for my folks who get the unwelcome kitty kat calls. Check yourself before you wreck yourself."

12. Liberation - Outkast

"Land of the free home of the brave, or so they say… Liberation is what we all deserve in every way, shape,meaningand form of the word. I listen to this and want to break down every wall and barrier anybody tries to put in the realm of lady Shasta and those I love."

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