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Doug Takes You Here, There, Everywhere
Doug Takes You Here, There, Everywhere
Doug Takes You Here, There, Everywhere
Doug Takes You Here, There, Everywhere

Doug Goering has been working with the CAC in the Communication Department as the video navigator since January 2016. He leads a series called “Doug Takes You There,” where he tours and explains the different exhibitions shown in our galleries through his eyes.

Now he’s ready for another challenge; he’ll be expanding the way he shares his story through additional blog entries. The blog will hope to feature interviews with the staff, artists and document the ins and outs of the CAC through his perspective. For this first blog entry, we’d like you to get to know Doug a little better, so we sat down with him and got his take on the experience he’s had working with the CAC thus far.

To get to know Doug even more, take a look at his video series, “Doug Takes You There” at

Who was your favorite artist/exhibition to shoot and what about their work stood out to you?

DG: My favorite exhibition is Michelle Vaske’s 2016 DAAP show because the room had stimulating colors that had calming effects.

What's your favorite part about producing the videos (i.e. narration, shooting, planning, etc.)?

DG: I enjoy sharing my videos on my computer.

What's it like working with the CAC (Communications) team and what have you learned so far?

DG: Working for the CAC I get to learn about many artists. I enjoy seeing the paintings at the CAC.

What challenges have you faced working on the projects?

DG: I find it challenging to write my blogs and sometimes my camera doesn’t work properly.

What's next (or what would you like to be next) for Doug?

DG: I want to talk about technology and the CAC.

BONUS QUESTION: Do you like clowns?

DG: I dislike clowns.

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