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  • Two new Contemporary Arts Center exhibitions confront politically charged topics (CityBeat)

"While 'Blak Origin Moment' dissects police brutality, rape culture and the limits of socially prescribed black male identity, 'Womxn Workers of the World Unite!' tackles issues of trans liberation, labor equity and immigrant rights."

The two separate exhibitions currently on view at the Contemporary Arts Center — one by artist Noel Anderson and one by Andrea Bowers — are timely reminders of the power art can wield to catalyze social change. Both artists sift through the archives of the past, making new totems toward an expanded understanding of how we got to this moment in history.

Because Anderson and Bowers work with formal approaches to radical compassion, their shows offer the hope of liberation for those most oppressed in our society. They also call upon us to examine our own role, however passive, in preventing the oppressed from reaching that goal."

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