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Passage is an exhibit by Korean-American artist Do Ho Suh currently at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati. Every house Suh has lived in throughout his life serves as inspiration for remarkable meditations on the legacy of home, place and migration. These themes and their resonance with the refugee and immigrant experience compelled artist Calcagno “Cal” Cullen, founder of Wave Pool: A Contemporary Art Fulfillment Center, to partner with Heartfelt Tidbits in bringing the Passage experience to a group of refugees, immigrants, and new Americans in Cincinnati.

As a CAC docent, Cal was an excellent host through the journey of Passage, explaining that Suh’s migration to new places and homes can be likened to a snail who picks up his home and takes it with him. A simple piece of Suh’s work illustrating a bridge across two different places evoked reflection on how refugees and immigrants always carry with them a connection to the places from which they’ve come.

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