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"Want to take a contemplative walk in the woods? The Contemporary Arts Center is offering a chance to see nature in a new light — or darkness — on Friday and Saturday. CAC Performance Curator Drew Klein is presenting two evenings of Night Tripper, an award-winning work of performance art from Norway that’s been staged in forested locales across Europe. Its creators are choreographer and performance artist Ingri Fiksdal, composer Ingvild Langgård and Signe Becker, who calls herself a “scenographer,” a designer of sets for performances, installations, photos and videos.

Night Tripper takes shape as a trail in the woods, a concert performance and a ritual event. It begins at sunset and takes participants through twilight into the night. It explores nature and animism, the idea that animals, plants and inanimate objects possess a spiritual essence. Night Tripper is driven by concepts of healing and destructive powers, of immanence and transcendence. The event features six performers, including two dancers, masked by their own long hair. It’s performed with percussive and droning music and a choir from the School for Creative and Performing Arts (engaged for the Cincinnati performance). Along the trail, nature is “dressed,” including articles of clothing on trees as reminders of their spirits. At the end of the performance, the wooded site momentarily becomes a vodka bar to fuel conversation."

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