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Young Adult Lab: Creative Table

Thursday, November 18, 2021, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Young Adult Lab: Creative Table

Join us around the table for a conversation about pursuing artistic passions, education, and careers. Creative Table provides young adults access to a monthly panel of creative professionals offering their recipes for success for a career in the arts. Each month will have a new theme and participants ready to dish out some knowledge, giving you the ingredients to take your unique interests and curate a future career path.

November takes a bit of a twist with Arts in Medicine as the possibility for creative healing through endeavors such as storytelling, movement, and visual communication. Arts in Medicine works to meld the creative and the scientific for improved communication and knowledge building in both fields. Panelists will include Amy Tuttle, Dani Clark, Bain Butcher, and Zac Greenberg who range in their experiences as musicians, narrative medicine practitioners, medical doctors, drawing professors, and art educators, providing a range of perspectives and opportunities.

Art making: 4pm-7pm

Panel: 6pm-7pm

Cant make the panel? Click here to learn about the ways that arts and sciences collide from home.

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