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Workshops: A Queen's Liberation Story

Thursday, October 28, 2021, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Workshops: A Queen's Liberation Story

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Co-Lab: A Queen’s Liberation Story is a collaborative performance and programming series taking place at the Contemporary Arts Center.

Jori An Cotton and Desirae “The Silent Poet” Hosley will collaborate as writers/ directors to produce A Queen's Liberation Story. A Queen’s Liberation Story will give black and brown women/womxn a reassurance that talking about sex should not be shamed or hidden. Reclaiming your power in your sex story starts with you! Liberation within empowers a narrative that doesn’t shy away from reproductive health yet gives women/womxn the tools and knowledge needed to take ownership of their bodies with the help of Contemporary Arts Center, Cradle Cincinnati and Queens Village Cincinnati.

* Open to black and brown women/womx 16+, Must attend the three workshops, rehearsal and performance listed below

THU, Oct. 14th | 5-7pm | Workshop Day 1: Come meet the facilitators and create a safe space that will dive into the conversation talking about SEX!

THU, Oct. 21st | 5-7pm | Workshop Day 2: As we set intentions let's begin to imagine how we envision our enchanted flower through radical self-love!

THU, Oct. 28th | 5-7pm | Workshop Day 3: Now that we have opened pandora's box about sex, what will become of your liberating sex story? Come write and begin to find your voice.

THU, Nov. 4th | 5-7pm | Rehearsal

FRI, NOV. 12th | 6-8pm | Performance

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