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People’s Banner Workshop: Open Studio

Saturday, July 31, 2021, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

People’s Banner Workshop: Open Studio

Register HERE.

Join interdisciplinary artist Migiwa Orimo for an Open Studio session of People’s Banner Workshop at the Contemporary Arts Center’s Black Box Theater. Area activists and citizens are invited to produce protest banners and flags with a shared goal of providing visual aids to local and regional activist groups for direct action, protest rallies, picket lines, and other street actions for social justice.

Activist groups can make or request their own banners for future actions. Individuals can make flags and patches to take home or even help produce banners for others in solidarity. Bring your own ideas or be inspired by samples, stencils, and ideas available in the studio.

While the workshop functions as a mechanism for production, it also provides citizens and activists a safe and inspiring space for building new relationships and comradeship. Grounded in the notion of “Citizen Artists,” the People’s Banner Workshop welcomes participation of both artist and non-artist citizens to amplify their collective voice.

In Love, Rage and Solidarity created by Migiwa Orimo, interdisciplinary artist and facilitator of the People’s Banner Workshop, is a six-part programming series that will bring various social justice activist groups, artists, and individuals from the Greater Cincinnati area together. Through two round table conversations and four Open Studio banner and flag making sessions, the People’s Banner Workshop hopes to create a space for activists and artists to cross pollinate ideas and strategies to explore how their creative solidarities might have a greater social impact on both the local and wider communities.

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