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Cinema at the Center: OTR Film Festival, Day 2

Friday, October 04, 2019, 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

44 E 6th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202   map

Cinema at the Center: OTR Film Festival, Day 2
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A series of five screenings organized in conjunction with OTR Film Festival

Jeff M. Giordano, The God Given Talent: The Creative Life of Charles Curtis Blackwell, 2016, 70’, documentary
Oakland poet, painter, playwright and teacher Charles Curtis Blackwell takes us on an intimate journey into his past and present. From a challenging upbringing in California and Mississippi, to his current creative life, Jeff Giordano’s film follows the steps of the artist as he discuss love, art, and the influence of his heroes, Maya Angelou, Woodie Guthrie and Martin Luther King Jr., among others.

Mehmet Tanrisever, Free Slave, 2019, 109’, documentary
Mehmet, a idealistic man of principle, has decided to leave his job as an Imam to become a movie director. He now finds himself unable to raise the money needed to fund his film. Free Slave subtly tells the story of what happens when principle runs headlong into the practical realities of a profit driven industry?

Gabrielle Brady, Island of Hungry Ghosts, 2018, 98’, documentary
Set on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, Island of Hungry Ghosts parallels the migration of millions of crabs making their way through the island’s coast with the story of asylum-seekers, whom the Australian government detains in a high-security facility on that same islet. Gabrielle Brady’s documentary focuses on Poh Lin—a trauma therapist who works with the center’s inmates—and weaves together the island’s violent past, the therapist’s healing sessions, and the broader narrative of migration, subtly approaching the idea of global migration trends and the effects they have on both landscapes and bodies.

Hermann Weiskopf, Otto Neururer – Hope through Darkness, 2019, 89’, fiction
Murdered in Buchenwald concentration camp in 1940, Catholic priest Otto Neururer was later beatified by Pope Johannes Paul II. Decades after, Heinz Fitz, an ageing actor, goes in search of the traces left behind by the blessed priest, together with juvenile delinquent Sofia and Fr. Anton.

Ise Shinichi, Home, Sweet Home, 2018, 110’, documentary
Presenter: Ise Shinichi, director
Director Ise Shinichi's peerless documentary lovingly chronicles 35 years of his niece Nao's life with her older brother, parents, and friends. Shinichi documents the unexpected steps of her life as a disabled kid and adult, moving beyond mere advocacy to create a complex portrait of the manifold ways each member of a family affects his or her siblings.

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