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Cinema at the Center: OTR Film Festival, Day 1

Thursday, October 03, 2019, 10:00 AM - 8:30 PM

44 E 6th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202   map

Cinema at the Center: OTR Film Festival, Day 1
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A series of five screenings organized in conjunction with OTR Film Festival

Movie: Chloé Leriche, Before the Streets, 2016, 98’, fiction
Shawnouk, a young Atikamekw, commits a crime. After escaping into the forest, he returns to his community, where he invests in the healing powers of native traditionalism. Cast almost entirely by non-professional Atikamekw actors performing in their own language, Before the streets is filmed in the actors’ native village and is a testament to the community’s history and creative powers.

Movie: Jethro Waters, F/11 and Be There, 2018, 84’, documentary

F/11 and Be There presents Burk Uzzle’s career, which spans 70 years of photography. Guiding us through the photographer’s extensive archive, Jethro Waters shares iconic photos from history and quirky details about the life of an artist, whose wide range of subjects include stars and everyday people, and his unique sense of framing and lighting.

Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside, América, 2018, 77’, documentary

Presenter: Erick Stoll, Director
Three brothers confront the chasm between adolescent yearning and adult responsibilities when brought together to care for their charismatic ninety-three year old grandmother. Diego is a young circus artist living away from his family when he is called home. His grandmother, América, fell from her bed, causing his father to be jailed under accusation of elder neglect. Diego believes América, despite her immobility and advanced dementia, fell willfully, to bring the separated family back together. As the brothers clash over money and the distribution of labor, difficult questions take the foreground—who decides what becomes of América and how long will they put their own lives on hold to care for her?

Yang Sun & S. Leo Chiang, Our Time Machine, 2019, 80’, animation
When artist Maleonn realizes that his father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, he creates “Papa’s Time Machine," a magical, autobiographical stage performance featuring life-size mechanical puppets. Through the production of this play, the two men confront their mortality before time runs out and memories are lost forever.

Alain Gomis, As a Man (Original title: L’Afrance), 2001, 90’, fiction
Presenters: Alain Gomis, Director, Omotayo O. Banjo, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati and Valentine Umansky, Curator of Lens-Based Arts, Contemporary Arts Center
A young Senegalese man, El Hadj, is studying in Paris. Confronted with a problem of papers, he is faced with the dilemma of either extending his stay illegally or returning without graduating his home country. Gomis' impressive feature début looks at the theme of uprooting both from an existential and emotional perspectives.

This screening is curated by Michael Gott with the University of Cincinnati Center for Film & Media Studies and Valentine Umansky as part of a Alain Gomis Midwestern retrospective, a program supported by the Cultural Services at the Consulate General of France in Chicago

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