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Welcome Art Class: Gallery Art Making

Mindful Mandala Art Workshop

Monday, June 03, 2019, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Welcome Art Class: Gallery Art Making

On select Mondays, meet some of Cincinnati’s newest neighbors as they create art together with artist Calcagno Cullen of the "Archive as Action" exhibition. The artists are part of The Welcome Project, a social enterprise based in Camp Washington that provides job training in fabrication, art skills, and store management and to Cincinnati’s refugees and immigrants.

For this session, join artist Radha Lakshmi, who will lead a mindful mandala art workshop in the gallery space.

The word Mandala, comes from the Sanskrit language meaning “sacred circle.” The use of mandalas throughout time have been used by various cultures for meditation, self-reflection, healing and as a symbol for the self. In this workshop, we will create mandalas with markers, colored pencils and stencils on paper. As we progress we can us collage and natural materials. The workshop is meant to provide a relaxing and reflective experience that supports and promotes healing. When we create a mandala, we are creating a personal symbol that reveals who we are at that moment. No art experience necessary.

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