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Cinema at the Center: Artist and Animal Pt. 1

Where do we place the limit on artistic collaborations?

Thursday, May 02, 2019, 6:15 PM - 8:00 PM

Cinema at the Center: Artist and Animal Pt. 1

A screening organized with The Mini Microcinema, in conjunction with the CAC exhibition Creatures
Presenter: Steven Matijcio, Director, Blaffer Art Museum, Houston and Curator of the exhibition
Doors at 6:15PM, screening at 6:45PM

Movies: A selection of short films including Miguel Angel Rios’s Crudo, 2008, 3’41”, fiction

Raw meat swirling in the air. This is the perspective Crudo offers to its viewers. A tap dancer’s feet, echoed with a series of barks break the silence while a white suit contradicts the darkness. Miguel Angel Rios’s short video piece opens the door to broad questions: taming animality/taming the self, alienation/cultured behaviors, the spectacle of violence/a metaphysical reflection on the rawness of our being.

List of shorts also screened:

  • Rachel Mayeri, Primate Cinema: Apes as Family, 2012, 11’ (16/9)
  • Carla Bengtson, Mimetic Excess, 2014, 1’38”
  • Allora & Calzadilla, The Great Silence, 2016, 16’53”
  • Luca Trevisani, Sudan, 2016, 15’02”

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