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MFA at the CAC - Now With Images!

Would that we could have invited students, facuilty, friends and families in to the CAC for this year's MFA show, but COVID-19 put all our plans on hold. We were lucky to be in conversation with the leaders of the MFA show from Miami University and the University of Cincinnati last week on our Sunday Connections Facebook Live series where we talked about art, the impact it has on our lives during times like these, and shared some thoughts about what the future might look like. If you weren't able to join in real time, the video conversation is still up on our Facebeook feed here.

And, we're luckier, still to be able to share some of the student work with you here! Grab a comfy seat, take a load off and settle in to see some amazing work from these student artists about whom you'll be proud to say one day soon, "I saw them at the beginning!"

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