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Sarah Francis Hollis

Artist Statement

To Collect:

My position with this work is both as creator and curator. I make and arrange collections. I am inspired by objects to build collections; and my collections inspire me to create collections of work. Many of the objects I use end up becoming re-contextualized or rendered useless. Much of the work I create seems to be doomed constructions from the beginning, in that the purpose they seem to have is probably both bizarre and redundant. This is similar to that of a hoarder, whose collections cannot truly be appreciated because of the environment in which they are contained. The objects lose their intended function, and instead transform into a sort of wallpaper in their home.

I tend to gravitate towards objects that make me feel better: better organized, better financially, better functionally. My collection of bank envelopes helps me to feel more fiscally responsible, or at least makes me feel like I’ve been in contact with a lot of money. When creating the work about the collection, I truly feel as though I am getting to know the objects better. By drawing over 50 envelope drawings, I am courting the bank envelope, and drawing-by-drawing I learn intimate details about them, perhaps even magically, I hope to have a better understanding of handling money.


A Novel About All of the Things I Have Forgotten

A Novel About All of the Things I Have Forgotten
Sarah Francis Hollis


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