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Lee Walton



Walton earned his Masters in Fine Art from the California College of Arts in 2000. He attended three undergraduate programs; Sonoma State University, Chico State University, and San Jose State University (BFA). Walton studied with Master Printers at Crown Point Press in San Francisco, where he later became a professional printmaker from 1999-2001. Walton has been invited to attend professional workshops such as the Center For Artistic Activism; Open Society Foundations and Internet For Artists; Creative Time. Additionally, Walton stays current with new media practices through on-line courses and collaboration with friends. Walton has also been studying chess, blues guitar and golf for many years (with so much still to learn).

Exhibitions and Projects

Since 2000, Walton has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Notable solo-exhibitions venues include Kraushaar Galleries (New York, NY), Olson Gallery, Bethel University, (Saint Paul, MN), RAYGUN LAB, Toowoomba, Australia, Crisp-Ellert Art Museum (St. Augustine, Florida), 667 Shotwell, (San Francisco, CA).

Group exhibitions include; More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing Since the 1990s Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina, (Chapel Hill, NC), Liquid Light: Watercolors from the KMA Collection Knoxville Museum of Art, (Knoxville, TN), Hotel Maria Kapel (Hoorn, Netherlands),Eyebeam, (New York, NY), Haskins Laboratory at the Yale Research Center (New Haven, CT), The Power Plant, (Toronto, Canada), Schroeder Romero Gallery, (New York, NY), The City Museum of Ljubljana, (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Naples Museum of Art, (Naples, Florida), Artists Space, (New York, NY), Columbus Museum, (Columbus, Georgia),Telfair Museum of Art, (Savannah, Georgia), Knoxville Museum of Art, (Knoxville, Tennessee), Oakland Museum of California, (Oakland, CA), Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, (New York, NY), Island #6 Art Center, (Shanghai, China), National Academy Museum, (New York, NY), White Columns, (New York, NY).

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Getting a Fell for the Place

Getting a Fell for the Place
Lee Walton


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