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Antal Lakner


Antal Lakner is one of the Hungarian artists emerging in the 1990s, who have achieved international recognition. Working at the border between reality and fiction, he creates works of a subversive nature, integrating visual arts into quotidian reality, or querying the traditional approach to art objects and the monotonous rituals of audience behaviour by transforming the institutional environment. His works, with both a critical attitude and a sense of humour, have been presented at numerous domestic and international solo and group exhibitions, including major international contemporary art events, such as the Hungarian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, the Istanbul and São Paolo Biennials, the Fellbach Small Sculpture Triennial, and Manifesta 4, held in Frankfurt am Main.

One of the most versatile practitioners of post-conceptual art, Antal Lakner discards the notion of art as exclusively viable within a closed institutional environment. Rather than envisioning the creative process as the solitary work of an artist under inspiration and full of pathos, he approaches his work with the attitude of an engineer: adapting the precise planning process characteristic of industrial production or scientific research, he focuses on the conceptual content conveyed, rather than on the techniques utilised.

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Elevator Stretching

Elevator Stretching
Antal Lakner

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