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(Pitchfork) Jens Lekman Might Write a Song About Your Story

Posted October 21, 2015 in

"Jens Lekman is working on a new project with the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center in Ohio. He's asking people he's never met to tell him their stories, and then he'll write brand new songs about... read more

(WYSO) Cincinnati Explores Mapplethorpe 25 Years After The Moment

Posted October 18, 2015 in

"In the late 1980’s, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe’s exhibition 'The Perfect Moment' fueled the fire of the so-called 'Culture Wars' that pitted politicians like Senator Jesse Helms and the religious right against artists and museums in... read more

(Territory) OFFF Cincinnati Remix

Posted October 18, 2015 in

"After our conference at OFFF Barcelona 2015, the team were invited to talk at OFFF Cincinnati and produce the Main Titles for the festival. For some of the team members this was the first non... read more

(WVXU) 25 Years Since The Robert Mapplethorpe Exhibit Opened At The Contemporary Arts Center

Posted October 15, 2015 in

"In April, 1990, an art exhibit opened in Cincinnati that created immediate controversy, placed the Contemporary Arts Centeron a national stage, and sparked a legal battle over the first amendment. Here to discuss that exhibit, read more

(CityBeat) A New Perfect Moment

Posted October 14, 2015 in

"For two days this month — Oct. 23 and 24 — Cincinnati will celebrate the glory of Robert Mapplethorpe’s art and life. Mapplethorpe + 25, a symposium sponsored by FotoFocus and the Contemporary Arts Center, will... read more

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