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(Festival TransAmérique) Interview with Dana Michel

Posted January 01, 2013 in

"YELLOW TOWEL MARKS A RADICAL CHANGE IN YOUR CHOREOGRAPHIC APPROACH AND YOUR AESTHETICS. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT? I have the impression that the charge occurred very clearly in 2011, after a performance where I... read more

(Fader) Interview: Jens Lekman

Posted October 31, 2012 in

"Jens Lekman, the great songwriter from Sweden, came to New York last month in support of his third album, I Know What Love Isn't, out now. After he played a few songsfor FADER TV, we... read more

(New York Times) Architects of Sound, Creating Structures From the Ground Up

Posted October 04, 2012 in

"One of the real challenges for a composer today is finding a way to structure a piece so that it comes across with a compelling dramatic arc. Things were a little easier back in the... read more

(Rolling Stone) Q&A: Jens Lekman on New Album, Doing Push-Ups and His New Favorite Chord Read more:

Posted September 04, 2012 in

"Jens Lekman is back in his hometown of Gothenburg, Sweeden, renting a room that's just eight square meters. There's enough room for a bed, his guitar and the refrigerator-sized suitcase he's been living out of... read more

(Paste Magazine) The 21 Most Irresistible Jens Lekman Lyrics

Posted August 27, 2012 in

"There are many reasons why we love Jens Lekman’s music, but perhaps the most endearing one is his charming storytelling ability. Throughout his career, the Swedish songwriter has tapped into a wide range of clever... read more

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