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(CityBeat) CAC’s Performance Series Offers ‘Radical Variety’

Posted June 22, 2016 in

It’s not an overstatement to characterize the Contemporary Arts Center’s just-announced, upcoming Black Box Performance Series as being like “nothing you’ve ever seen.”

Even if you have a ticket and go, you won’t be able to see the new season’s first program — a movie — unless you’re a preselected elementary school student. That’s because British filmmaker-artist Britt Hatzius’ Blind Cinema, which occurs Sept. 28-Oct. 1, will require adults to sit blindfolded in a theater while a movie plays with a soundtrack but no dialogue.Behind each row of adults at The Carnegie’s Otto M. Budig Theatre in Covington will be a row of students, who will softly describe the action to their vulnerable, dependent elders.

The 10 other presentations in the 2016-17 season — all of which have ticket prices — are an imaginative and invigorating mix, with shared emphasis on having both a diverse group of international artists and some Ohio-based projects.

“This season is one of radical variety,” says Drew Klein, the CAC’s performance curator. “As our seasons go on, our series continues to develop. It’s important to broaden our offerings and introduce people to new work that is challenging.” (This will be the fifth full season.)

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