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(WKRC) Tour guide helps people see beyond disabilities

Posted April 29, 2016 in

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The newest employee of the Contemporary Arts Center is hard to miss as he zips around in a wheelchair with a GoPro attached.

24-year-old Doug Goering has cerebral palsy, but the CAC saw beyond his disabilities. Going to work at the Contemporary Arts Center as a navigator, Doug reviews exhibits with a GoPro on his wheelchair. A special key board creates an audio version of his thoughts.

"First I want viewers to see things from my point of view, give them the opportunity to rethink the notion of disability verses ability," Doug shared with Local 12.

Doug showed Local 12 how he uses the keyboard. Work guide and companion Ben Lehman is with Starfire, a nonprofit that works one-on-one with people with disabilities. He helps Doug create the narratives. Part of that is watching Doug's reaction to exhibits. That can be anything from spinning around the exhibit room to typing out his thoughts.

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