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(NKU) Bringing a Novel to Life

Posted April 27, 2016 in

Two groundbreaking new exhibits at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center and the Marta Hewett Gallery will bring Herman Melville’s well-known tale of Moby-Dick to life in new ways, thanks to the able hands of a Northern Kentucky University expert for whom the novel – and its depictions in art – have been a lifelong passion.

Regents Professor of English Robert K. Wallace, a world-renowned Melville scholar, has co-curated both exhibits, donating generously from his personal collection and also from that of NKU. But neither exhibit would have been possible without Wallace’s decades-long relationships with the artists and his interest in art inspired by Melville’s legendary tale, a passion imparted to countless students since he began teaching at NKU in 1972.

Kish and Del Tredici: Chasing the Whale and other Endless Pursuits will open at the Contemporary Arts Center on April 22. A companion exhibit, Adrift in the Wonderworld: Women Make Meaning of Moby-Dick, will open at the Marta Hewett Gallery on April 23.

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