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Free Admission

At the Contemporary Arts Center, we believe that powerful, transformative art is meant for everyone.  On February 12, 2016, as a "Love Gift" to the city for St. Valentine’s weekend, we are putting that belief into action. That is the day the Contemporary Arts Center will open its galleries to everyone for free. No more admission charges. The date coincides with the opening of the powerful exhibition by Korean artist Do Ho Suh.

The end of admission fees at the Contemporary Arts Center arrives thanks to a gift of $75,000 from The Johnson Foundation and $150,000 from a newly formed Contemporary Arts Center patron’s circle known as The 50. Together, they will subsidize free admission for at least three years.

Johnson Foundation President and CEO Amy Goodwin was the first benefactor to join The 50 with a personal donation.

Raphaela Platow, director of the Contemporary Arts Center and  a charter member of  The 50,  said she has been working on the idea of free admission supported by a new group of younger donors for years and is delighted it has come to fruition now.  “Since our lobby renovation that created one of the most used community spaces in downtown, we have strategized about offering free admission. This single change will send a clear message that all are welcome, and would open the doors to countless visitors who might not otherwise experience contemporary art in Cincinnati.”

Contemporary Arts Center memberships will remain in effect, and new memberships will continue to be available. Members will continue to  enjoy special discounts and free admission to select programs, performances and artists talks, plus new benefits that can include valet parking, depending on member level.  A special membership hotline and email have been set up for members who have questions about new membership features. 

We are excited that this announcement coincides with the kick off of ArtsWave community campaign. The ability to drive impact on an ongoing basis and offer the programs that are now for free comes in part thanks to the ArtsWave community campaign.

It has taken many years of work to reach this cherished goal. We are deeply grateful to The Johnson Foundation, The 50. members, staff and volunteers for all they have done to bring great art to everyone. For free. For you.

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