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After the Moment Call for Submission

This page contains information related to the upcoming fall exhibition After the Moment: Reflections on Robert Mapplethorpe

2015 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Contemporary Art Center’s presentation of Robert Mapplethorpe’s exhibition The Perfect Moment in Cincinnati. And while 25 years have passed, this retrospective continues to reverberate as much for the artwork on display as for the reactions it inspired, and the historic controversy that ensued. In an aftermath that has yet to fully settle or cease, The Perfect Moment produced moments of both triumph and ruin - casting revealing light upon censorship in the arts, the politics of what is seen and by whom, and the very definition of what divides art from taboo.

His was a moment without conclusion or resolution, as Mapplethorpe’s photos have yet to lose their provocation or punch. They continue to challenge their audience – visually, culturally and politically – just as the issues The Perfect Moment raised in Cincinnati continue to be debated across the city, country and world. And yet there were also cities in which The Perfect Moment was shown where the reaction was relatively minimal, speaking to a particular political and legal climate in this region that was as passionate about indictment as it was about liberty.

25 years after a moment that still feels like yesterday, the CAC wishes to see the legacy of Robert Mapplethorpe (and the events surrounding The Perfect Moment) through the lens of artists working today. We invite artists from across the tri-state region (Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana) to create a new work that measures what Mapplethorpe means for you. How has his work, exhibition and censorship shaped the artistic landscape you navigate today? How has The Perfect Moment influenced  the way art is made, shown and considered in the current climate?

The CAC will select one artwork from this open call to present in the exhibition. The work will be presented in Mapplethorpe’s signature scale, which measures 24 x 24”. Your image can be square or rectangular as long as one side measures 24” and the total size of the work does not exceed 24 x 24”. Black and white photography is the preferred medium, but you may also propose 2D work (drawings, prints, paintings or works on paper) if you so choose, with the stipulation that it also fit within the given dimensions. The chosen artist will receive an honorarium of $400, and the CAC will cover the costs of printing the work, framing and matting it for presentation.  Your artwork will appear alongside 35 other works selected by the 7 co-curators of After the Moment. The exhibition will be on display at the CAC from November 6, 2015 – March 13, 2016.

Proposals must be received by August 28, 2015. The proposal should include a brief written description of the image/project, as well as a sketch, test image or short video clip (whichever is most applicable to your chosen medium). Artists of any background or level of experience are eligible to apply. All images will be shared with the curatorial team of After the Moment, which includes Matt Distel, Dennis Harrington, Steven Matijcio, William Messer, Maria Seda-Reeder, Yasmeen Siddiqui and Elizabeth Stirratt.

The chosen artwork must be delivered to the CAC by October 1, 2015.  

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