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Who We Are

Modern Art Society Floor at Cincinnati Art Museum.

The CAC is a catalyst for the freedom of artistic expression and the exploration of the creative process. We believe that art and creativity are universal experiences with the power to illuminate the challenges we need to address as citizens and societies to create a more equitable world.

Driven by art, creators and other cultural thought leaders who engage with powerful questions of our time we provoke new perspectives and alternative points of view. Through our innovative and inclusive slate of programs, exhibitions, and services the CAC provides opportunities for encounters with trailblazing artists both local and global, and with one’s own creative potential.

The CAC is a progressive organization from the inside out and inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility are its core values. Embedded in the fabric of our community, and committed to lifelong learning, the CAC serves as an integral space where people can reflect, create, collaborate, and connect around a more inclusive and sustainable culture of tomorrow.

Our Core Values:  Boldness, Curiosity, Connectedness, and Accountability

Our Vision:  OPEN MINDS

Our Purpose:  To navigate contemporary culture for communities near and far.

Our Mission:  Art and the creative process belong to all people. The CAC provides experiences, through exhibitions and performances as well as educational and outreach programs, to engage and interact with the art, artists, and ideas of our time. Working with our regional community of visitors, patrons, and partners, and with our global community of artists and institutions, we explore and celebrate the unfolding landscape of art and expression.

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