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The Contemporary Arts Center brings art and the creative process to all people through exhibitions, performances, and experiences that open minds.

2023 Annual Gala: 20 Years at the Center

Our annual gala is more momentous than ever for this anniversary celebration of our home for new perspectives.

Celebrate with us!

Examining legacy, using Zaha Hadid's work as a point of departure

On view through
28 January

A Permanent Nostalgia for Departure

In 2011 Etel Adnan wrote in an ode to Zaha Hadid, “to discover, in this woman who built a solid rock, a permanent nostalgia for departure. Everything she made seems...

Representing the rich histories of Cincinnati's Black communities

On view through
24 September

Robert O'Neal: Open To All

As a life-long resident of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, Robert O’Neal (b. 1940, Covington, KY; d. 2018, Cincinnati, OH) was a fixture of the region’s local arts community. Throughout his...

Community perspectives on public monuments and under-recognized heroes

On view through
24 September

Luis Camnitzer: Monuments to Unknown Heroes

Conceptual artist and pedagogue, Luis Camnitzer (b. 1937, Germany) presents a series of posters by artists depicting proposals for monuments to under-recognized heroes. This installation is an expansion upon a call...

Creativity belongs to everyone. You belong here.

Learn more about the CAC's new Creativity Center, including the return of the beloved Sara M. and Patricia A. Vance Education Center UnMuseum™, now open and free to all!

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Addressing issues of access, cultural appropriation, and migration

On view through
24 September

Baseera Khan: Weight on History

Baseera Khan shifts seamlessly between media to explore the interconnectedness of capital, politics, and the body. Their work in video, photography, sculpture, and performance creates spaces of reprieve, beauty, and...

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