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The Contemporary Arts Center announces an exciting new partnership with Wellmann’s Brands at the CAC this spring. This new, exclusive partnership will expand the footprint of the CAC’s hospitality area and broaden its culinary offerings to include craft cocktails.

“The renovation of our Kaplan Hall lobby and the inclusion of a café has been incredibly successful for us and created the artful, social space we desired to offer to our guests,” says Raphaela Platow, CAC director. “we are thrilled to announce as our new partner Wellmann’s Brands with their expertise in food and cocktails.”

“Bottle & Basket CAC” will operate as a full service restaurant, expanding its offerings in phases; It will open at 8 am weekdays and 9 am on weekends. Under the direction of Wellmann’s Brands executive chef, Lisa Kagen, the culinary menu will boast breakfast and lunch offerings and to-go options, as well as pastries, baked goods, coffee and other beverages.

In addition to Bottle & Basket CAC, Wellmann’s Brands will open a new bar on the Walnut Street side of CAC’s Kaplan Hall lobby. The eponymous "M. Wellmann’s," a premiere craft and classic cocktail bar with charcuterie and fine cheeses, will serve as an exquisite happy hour destination for the museum's visitors, theatre-goers, the after-work crowd and downtown diners. M. Wellmann's aims for a late spring opening.

“We are thrilled and excited for this partnership with the CAC," said Molly Wellmann, co-owner of Wellmann’s Brands. "We can’t wait to share our expertise of craft cocktails and fine foods with a new audience in a creative space designed by such an incredible female architect! We are so inspired by the design of the space and look forward to continuing to build the relationship together with the CAC. We have some really wonderful things planned for the future."

In 2015, the CAC opened a cafe run by Collective Espresso whose lease expires early March. Collective CAC complemented craft coffees with select beer and wine in addition to pastries and cookies. Collective Espresso will continue offering beverages and pastries through March 3rd; We are excited to see their new projects unfold.

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