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(CityBeat) Japanese Artist Explores the Mockbee's Mysteries

Posted April 06, 2016 in

In a story about Tetsuya Umeda — the Japanese artist whose installations involve sound, visuals and performance — Blouin Artinfo mentioned that he has a “penchant for ‘performing’ at venues with a slightly derelict atmosphere, such as old warehouses, abandoned schools or disused road tunnels…” So when Drew Klein, performance curator at the Contemporary Arts Center, booked Umeda for one of his unpredictable pieces, It Was Moving at First, here on April 15 and 16, he started looking for a suitable place. And he has found the perfect site: the Mockbee on Central Parkway in Brighton.

And it’s the perfect time for the Mockbee, which is trying to make a new, revived emergence on the city’s arts scene.

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