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(Whitehot Mag) Truth Telling: Duke Riley and Frohawk Two Feathers at the Contemporary Arts Center

Posted February 12, 2015 in

"At a time when news channels are not beholden to accuracy, having video evidence of murder on camera still isn’t enough to charge perpetrators with a crime, and more people prefer to get their “news” from satire sources such as the Onion or Stephen Colbert, broad historical truths with implied heroes and villains seems like quite a precarious subject to tackle these days. Truth is funny that way: it is a constantly moving target.

But if truth could ever be summarized in a sound bite, you wouldn’t know it from the sprawling, visually dense exhibition “Based on a True Story: Duke Riley and Frohawk Two Feathers,” on view at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati through March 22, 2015."

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