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Deep Space
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artist(s)Lucius LTD


While you sit under the brightly colored dome, think about how you feel. Now imagine what it would feel like to sit at a desk in one of the office buildings outside of the window.

These are both indoor spaces where we sit; why do they make you feel differently?

Architects and designers dedicate their lives to creating unique spaces that have the power to change how we feel and live. The artists of Lucius, LTD choose to work together to create places that surprise people and inspire their creativity –a kind of experiential design.


The artists of Deep Space, Amy Lynch, Joel Masters and J.D. Loughead, formed a collaborative design group called Lucius LTD. Lynch and Masters met in middle school, while Loughead was introduced to the group during college. What unites the three is an interest in experimental design. Together, they have created nontraditional structures, like a traveling geodesic dome, that has been used as a 3-D dance floor and they have also created a mediation room built inside a box truck.

Special thanks to People’s Liberty

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