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Pia Camil


November 06, 2015 through March 13, 2016

Pia Camil
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Curated by Justine Ludwig

artist(s)Pia Camil

Pia Camil was born in Mexico City and looks to the streets of her native city for inspiration. Her imagery is drawn from retail spaces and the slatwall paneling used for merchandising displays. In this new body of work made specifically for the CAC, Camil uses industrial materials to recreate forms established in Frank Stella’s iconic Copper Paintings, which he created in the early 1960s. From these forms, she hangs shelves and cloaks—putting to use the original purpose of the slatwall paneling. Upon these shelves sit a selection of ceramics inspired by jewelry displays. In these works Camil explores the language of consumerism—drawing visual cues from dollar stores and decaying landscapes and translating them into desirable art objects. Camil’s exhibition at the CAC is created in dialogue with the architecture of the space – inviting new interaction and navigation from the audience. This exhibition is Camil’s first solo museum show in the United States.

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