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Matt Morris with James Lee Byars

The Perfect Kiss (QQ)* *questioning, queer

May 15 through October 11, 2015

Matt Morris with James Lee Byars
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Curated by Matt Morris

artist(s)James Lee Byars, Matt Morris

Throughout his life American artist James Lee Byars (1932-97) framed his work with fugitive notions of questioning and perfection. Personal correspondence became an artistic avenue and his flirtatiousness with German artist Josef Beuys (whom he sent lyrical letters and objects) serves as fodder for an exhibition that is both art and exchange. The perfect kiss (QQ)* is a curatorial and creative undertaking for artist and curator Matt Morris, who will develop an arrangement of works by Byars in conjunction with a number of his own interventions. The exhibition’s title references a 1974 artwork by Byars while also seeking to rekindle the unexpected romance and delicacy within Robert Mapplethorpe’s 1990 exhibition The Perfect Moment.

*questioning queer

Matt Morris, west (inverted rainbows), 2014. Image Courtesy the Artist

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