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Sky Villages

James Paulius

Sky Villages
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artist(s)James Paulius

Have you ever imagined what our neighborhoods and cities might look like in the future? Designer James Paulius thinks that as cities become more and more crowded, buildings will continue to reach up into the clouds. In Paulius’ imagined world, buildings would no longer need to be attached to the ground and instead entire villages could float in the sky. If buildings aren’t on the surface of the earth these communities could become more environmentally friendly. The modular designed houses allow the villages to change as their populations grow or shrink. Paulius’ houses can interlock to create many configurations, allowing each village to form its own personality. New communities will could take shape as houses, and the families who live inside, begin to connect with each other. You can find more houses hiding behind the clouds. You can create your own sky village by connecting the hand painted structures together.

• What would life be like up in the sky?
• What other ways could communities expand to fit our growing population?
• How do you think houses will look in the future?

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