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UnMuseum Sign
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artist(s)Andrew Neyer

ArtWorks Apprentices: Matthew Miklavcic, Vivian Russell & Martina Schneider

Lead Artist: Andrew Neyer

This work evolved through a partnership with ArtWorks and local Designer Andrew Neyer. The team was inspired by optical art as well as the design of Lance Wyman.

Wall text:

A maze is a puzzle of complex winding passageways that can be made from almost any material including: walls, grass, hedges, corn, or even just a paper and pencil. One of the oldest stories of a maze is of the Greek tale of a labyrinth that contained a monster called the Minotaur. Mazes typically inspire the fear of being lost or contained, but they also create a variety of pathways to explore, and allow us to think more about how we move through the world.

A project of ArtWorks in conjunction with the Contemporary Arts Center. To learn more about ArtWorks and this project, visit:

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