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Tara Donovan

February 07 through May 03, 2009

Tara Donovan
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Curated by Nicholas Baume, assisted by Jen Mergel

artist(s)Tara Donovan

This exhibition is the first major museum survey of the American sculptor Tara Donovan. With sensitivity to texture, volume and the inherent physical properties of materials, Donovan transforms large quantities of mass-produced items (toothpicks, adhesive tape, straws, buttons, pins, plastic cups and mylar) into stunning sculptural objects and installations. Utilizing the detritus of a culture of mass production, Donovan creates large-scale sculptures that imply organic growth or a random-order arrangement. Her methodology of building sculpture through accumulation and meticulous assembly of quantities and amounts of identical items offers the viewer the experience of complexity and infinity. A monograph accompanies the exhibition and will be available in the CAC Store.

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