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12 + 12
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artist(s)Steve Zieverink

Artist Steve Zieverink has been deeply inspired by the link between music and art, like many thinkers, artists and musicians before him. 12+12 explores this intriguing relationship. The work consists of a grid of twelve color boxes that light up as a corresponding note is pressed on a separate silver cube. The color and musical notes share similar frequencies.

As an installation, the work references the historical aspects of traditional painting in a traditional gallery setting. Given the nature of Hadid’s anti-gallery aesthetic, as well as the concept of the UnMuseum itself, the installation bridges the gap between the old and the new. Moreover, it offers UnMuseum patrons an educational tool, which can be used to discuss art, science, architecture, and specifically the notions of what it means to paint and what an art space entails in contemporary culture.

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