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Beaven, Cartwright, French

Three Ohio Artists

November 15, 1971 through January 03, 1972

Beaven, Cartwright, French

artist(s)Robert Beaven, Roy Cartwright, Alix French

"The work of Ohio Artists, Robert Beaven, Royden Cartwright and Alix Amador French, reflects the increasing possibility of familiar materials and new modes of seeing. Although quite different in character and technique, and in their three separate mediums of wood, metal and ceramic, they nevertheless share a commitment to a constructivist point of view.

Ohio has frequently been a congenial place for artists to live and work, with the history of achievement in sculpture and ceramics stretching back to the nineteenth century. The works of Hiram Powers attracted national recognition to Ohio, and the ceramics of numerous pottery manufacturies, such as Rookwood and Company, permitted the rest of the country to admire experimental achievements. This tradition is still very much alive today" (Beaven, Cartwright, French catalog).

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