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Rondle West


Rondle Royce West was born an artist in 1965 and has been one since! “I believe life experiences have helped me become that artist and have inspired much of my work.” Rondle lives in Cincinnati and Palm Springs.

The work’s organic form, bold color schemes and various other seductive and unnerving elements are like mini stage performances, telling their own individual stories to each viewer.

Another artist, on seeing the work said, "On first impression, your work reminds me of decorative sculpture on Hindu temples. A crowded pantheon of personages and animals almost fighting for space on the stage. Also, information overload. Our life, education, and experiences filled our subconscious with faces of the famous, infamous and ordinary. Your sculptures confront us with everything at once. Can we make sense of it? Doubtful."

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My date with Barie is tomorrow night (back)

My date with Barie is tomorrow night (back)
Rondle West

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