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Store Blog

Updates from the CAC Store Manager Erin Sansalone

Once every two weeks, our Store manager Erin Sansalone will update her store blog!  She will introduce you to items and ideas that she is considering for the new direction that the store will take once the lobby reopens.


Spiritual, tactile, virtual…I’m trying it all to help me open my eyes.  I’m trying to notice everything below me, next to me and above me. Absorbing my space and seeing what happens when I move the air around me.  Over the next two months I will be pulling together the things that will inspire, beautiful objects, fascinating and wonderful finds. I’ll look down the street, and in the corners of Cincinnati.  I’ve heard that the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in NYC has finally reopened.  I’ll put a road trip on the list.  I’ll virtually visit my dear friends around the world and find out what’s up. My first stop, Rookwood Pottery in OTR, to visit my friend and artist, Terence Hammonds and see the truly awesome bowls he is creating. He showed me one of the techniques he uses and even let me try my hand at it.  Thank you Terence and Sandrine for spending some time with me this sunny, winter afternoon.

I’ll be in touch.

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